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Double Hung Window Unit or Any Other Type? Make the Decision

Double Hung Window Unit

Over the past few years, window technology has undergone significant modifications and the decision to choose the right windows has now become daunting. Considering the impact of windows in home’s comfort and overall appearance, it’s necessary to understand that windows need replacement after serving for certain years.

Since the components have to bear extreme weather conditions throughout the year, homeowners should always go for high quality components in order to avail long term benefits. Whether they have to withstand strong winds, freezing snow, heavy rains or high temperatures, it’s crucial to consider features and services as claimed by the options. The selection also involves ventilation, lighting, energy conservation and security. But, the question is still there, which option to go for? What are the key aspects to take into consideration? Learn more from here.

  1. Blank Canvas

Nowadays, windows are made up of advanced features and new additions to complement all types of homeowners’ requirements. They are called new construction windows and intended to work for remodeling or new homes. Unlike replacement windows, the components are provided with all parts, including the sashes and frames to work with rough wall openings. The best thing is that homeowners have freedom to customize designs as per rooms’ appearance and décor. Also, they have to consider the following factors:

  • Number of windows needed plus their location
  • Window style: bay window, casement, sliding or double hung window
  • Window size
  • Purpose
  • Visual style: aluminum, wood, fiberglass or vinyl frames
  • Insulation and radiation control

The next step is to consider the current configurations and figure out if they need to be changed or not. For this, ask the following important questions:

  • What are the positive and negative factors in current windows with respect to operation, appearance and trim?
  • What sort of problems the components have to bear, like cold drafts, overheating, water leaks, operation or overheating?
  • Are the existing windows working properly? Are they installed at the right place? Do they offer adequate ventilation?
  • Do the areas having fixed windows not working in the right manner? What if they are replaced with operable windows, like double hung window, sliding etc?
  • Are the windows efficient enough to resist noise from affecting internal comfort?
  • Do they offer the required level of energy efficiency, especially when it comes to capitalizing on the energy efficiency incentive plans?

Don’t answer these questions in a hurry, do proper research and find out supporting facts and figures in order to come up with appropriate options.

  1. Window Options and Features

New windows are available with amazing features, technologies and options that promise energy efficiency, functions and comfort. It’s necessary to identify the required features, including:

  • Energy efficient technology: Technologies that promise energy savings, like double/triple glazing and low-E (low emissivity) glass.
  • Self-cleaning glass: Consider some glass coating options (such as titanium dioxide) that keep glass panes clean.
  • Clean the exterior from inside: It’s important when the windows are above the ground like on second/third floor. For single/double hung window units, the feature works as tilt-in sashes while for casements, the sashes pivot to reach the outer surface.
  • Impact resistant glass: This is a significant addition when the area suffers from hurricanes, tornadoes or other harsh conditions.

Other than that, Window Mart Windows and Doors suggests to contact their representatives for more information on the necessary additions.